Sprinkler Blowouts, Repairs and Maintenance:

Yes, we are a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor, but we also have the ability to service your sprinkler and irrigation systems. Because our repair van has a high-powered air compressor onboard, we can evacuate your irrigation system in the fall to prevent your system from becoming damaged from the lines freezing. We also can perform system tests to catch problems before they arise. We offer winterization service and a spring activation service to keep your system running efficiently.

Winterization and System Evacuation:

  • Complete water evacuation from all zones.
  • Shut down of watermain to the system.
  • Inspection for leaks.

Spring Irrigation Commissioning:

  • Water main and system activation.
  • Leak tests, and zone testing.
  • Programming watering cycle.
  • Full system inspection for functionality.


  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Drip line additions.
  • Solenoid replacements.
  • Broken Line repairs.
  • Service main repairs and replacement.