Realtor and Property Management Corner

Inclination Heating and Air Conditioning LLC has had a long rapport with local Realtors and real-estate brokerage companies. We also offer our HVAC expertise to Property management firms. We can work with real-estate brokers to inspect the properties HVAC system to ensure its safety and functionality. We can make repairs, and recommendations for replacing the system if there are safety concerns so the home can pass inspection.

If you own multiple properties or run a property management firm, we can offer you maintenance plans to protect your clients' assets, and keep your tenants warm, cool, and comfortable all year long. We can offer you fast and effective service so your HVAC headaches can be resolved quickly and cost effectively.

Also, for realtors we have maintenance plans we can offer your buyers or sellers, and we have plans that can work for property managers as well. We can take care of your needs, and ensure that your properties that you are selling, managing, or purchasing are safe and comfortable for your tenants or clients.

Maintenance Plans:

Basic Annual Maintenance Plan

Preferred Annual Maintenance Plan

Premier Annual Maintenance Plan

HVAC, Boiler, and Water Heater Inspections:

  • Comprehensive flue pipe inspection
  • Appliance check n tune.
  • A/C inspection and check n tune.
  • Hot water heater inspection.
  • Gas line Inspection.
  • Ductwork inspection.
  • Gas Appliance inspection.

Comprehensive and thorough invoicing:
We will send you a digital invoice for your records to provide to your buyer or seller that details the condition of your appliances with recommendations and corrections. If we determine a system needs to be replaced, we will detail that so that your client can decide to either have that done before the real-estate transaction is complete, or if they want to inform the buyer of our recommendations.

If you manage properties, we can also provide detailed recommendations and give you the best options for maintaining or replacing your appliances at the most cost effective means possible. We give you options, and we want to make the process as cost effective and convenient as possible.